Sage Sound Singers planning a Christmas Concert for 2020!


It’s now the end of August and summer is winding down. The vegetable garden is full of produce and the rest of the yard is winding down for the season. This has been the best year ever for staying home and paying attention to the yard upkeep!  It all looks beautiful.

The good news is Sage Sound Singers will be having a Fall season!  Yay! Yippee!  Of course it will be different from all others.  We’re planning a Christmas Concert for the middle of December. We start practice on September 21st – with a twist!  We’ll be in the HUB gym for all sessions practicing all the social distancing and protocol required. Instead of a traditional concert, we have enlisted the help of the Hub Online Network (HON) to do a video recording of our performance and present it to you, our loyal audience, on YouTube. Thankfully HON has the expertise to help us pull this off.  As Covid-19 protocol changes we will do what it takes to continue on, so watch our Facebook page for more information as the weeks progress.