Sage Sound Singers Disband

After almost nine years of providing quality choral music to Ashcroft and area residents, Sage Sound Singers is disbanding.
Their last concert was at Choral Rhapsody in Kamloops where they sang three of their best songs from the “Somewhere In My Memories” Christmas Concert (December 2018).
While Sage Sound Singers are no more, Twisted Desert Music Society is alive and well, so it’s possible that in the future choral singing will return to Ashcroft and area.

We would like to thank the choir members, accompanists and conductors who through the years made it all possible.  Your hard work and dedication made Sage Sound Singers Community Choir a fine choral group.

We also would like to thank Second Time Around, Teck Highland Valley Copper and others for their generous financial support through the years.

And finally, we’d like to thank Michelle Reid for her vision and persistence in making Sage Sound Singers the best we could be.

Sage Sound Singers will always be “Somewhere In Our Memories”

For members of Sage Sound Singers

We invite you to attend Senior ChorFest 2019 in Kelowna – April 2019. Despite it’s name, no singers will be turned away.

You can find more information here:     Seniors ChorFest  2019

Download the Brochure:                             Seniors ChorFest 2019 Brochure

Additionally, ChorFest 2019 (Kimberly, BC) is taking place in May 2019.

This an excellent weekend of singing and learning.

For more information:      ChorFest 2019 (Kimberly)

These events are sponsored by the BCCF (B.C. Choral Federation)